Organizational Surveys

By investing time and money into an organizational survey you are communicating an overall management desire to be receptive to employee opinions while fostering a sense of participation. Staff will feel privileged and valued which, in turn, greatly contributes to developing a sense of belonging.

In addition to providing you with a wide range of useful data and information, organizational survey results help us to understand people’s perception of a company and to collect an assortment of staff suggestions. With this type of data, identifying human resource management priorities and developing a coherent action plan is greatly simplified!

Understanding and acting upon employee needs is a key success factor!

As these statistics demonstrate, awareness of employee opinions and needs is of substantial importance.

An organizational survey is just the ticket! It’s an efficient means to be able to more effectively act on human resource business factors such as key staff retention, employee satisfaction and building genuine and trusting working relationships.


Proportion of Canadians who wish to change jobs

49 %

Employees who give their employers a C or less on the satisfaction scale


Employees who don’t have confidence in their employer

Organizational Surveys – The Benefits

Learn about your staff’s key concerns
Gain insight into workplace satisfaction
Foster cohesion to mobilize employees and optimize performance
Offer a more desirable work environment
Find out more about worker needs
Use reliable survey results to make your action plan relevant

A personalized and flexible approach

A reliable paper survey format or Web survey platform
Customizable survey questions on key organizational issues
Personalized to fit your business needs
Expert guidance and support
Confidential survey administration
A validated reporting method with clear findings
Action plan and recommendations to suit your realities

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