The Clienterprise

An essential part of leadership is setting a clear path to follow and implementing relevant business strategies. How does one go about setting strategic objectives, drawing up ensuing action plans and ensuring every resource works towards reaching those very goals? That’s exactly what our Creacor team will help you do with an inspiring approach – which we call the Clienterprise!

Based on your own mission, values and vision, our approach helps explore the various business dimensions and lifelines that contribute to your company’s success. Our role is to lead discussions and feed the dialogue with your management team as the various questions, responses, and choices emerge while you work towards making key decisions and establishing a winning strategy.

A 3-Step Process to Inspire and Mobilize...

1. Strategic Thinking and Cohesive Vision

Things move so fast that everything can seem important. Taking a moment to distinguish “urgent” from “important” is crucial to operating a healthy business. Herein our team encourages you to reflect upon your team and your business environment to set a suitable strategy moving forward…and to move ahead.

2. Strategic Planning

A classic method combines with an innovative-yet-structured approach to cover each and every vital artery within your organization. Together we establish a process, extracting all the valuable ideas, experience and knowledge from your core team and channeling it all into a realistic and achievable action plan.

3. The Execution Strategy: Coaching & Support

The very best of plans is worthless if not properly executed or brought to fruition. The ability (or inability) to operationalize, organize and execute has forever been the stumbling block of many a decent strategic plan. Many plans end up getting shelved - gathering not only dust but also their share of disappointments and frustrations. A strategic action plan is a plan for change…and all organizations resist change irrespective of its true value. Herein lies the need for coaching and support  - to accompany leaders through the necessary changes so they may become a positive vehicle for organizational success.

MPO - Management and Organizational Performance

More than ever before, the human element is a key factor in optimizing productivity and performance. The MPO Analyst Certification workshop teaches participants to quickly grasp individual personality types in order to enhance team and organizational performance.

Whether you opt to train your own in-house personnel on MPO or hire one of our certified external MPO consultants, your organization will benefit from a wide variety of uses and applications that are all geared towards enhancing your business performance.

Our team and clients declare MPO highly successful in a variety of arenas:

Recruiting and Selecting Candidates
Leadership Development
Consolidating and Mobilizing Teams
Performance Management
Conflict Resolution
Training and Development Programs
Career Mapping and Succession Planning
Organizational Design

Designed for Organizations

MPO was designed with organizations like yours in mind. That’s why any manager or human resources professional can become a Certified MPO Analyst and operate the MPO program in-house autonomously. Creacor is the leading MPO training organization in North America, having trained and certified over 1000 individuals to use the MPO solution since 2010.

MPO - The Quick and Easy Solution!

Easy-to-use Web console with the latest technological features
Less than 20 minutes to administer and obtain results
Scientifically validated for precision
Multilingual English/French/Spanish application
IDW – Interactive Dynamics at Work

Know yourself better. Know your colleagues better. Communicate better to enhance team performance. This is what our IDW program is all about!

We all know successful teams are naturally comprised of a variety of people working towards a common goal. People working as a group, however, can each have different communication styles and communication needs. Can team success really be achieved without team members understanding and acknowledging each other fully?

We offer private one-day workshops to help you optimize your work performance while promoting synergy within your team.

Our Interactive Dynamics at Work Workshop includes...

Know yourself better, thanks to the IDW Report

  • Each participant receives a written, personalized IDW Report
  • Learn about your motivational needs and how they impact your behavior
  • Discover your natural “communication style”
  • Identify your own leadership style
  • Gain awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses

Understand your colleagues better to achieve better communication

  • Learn about the characteristics that define others
  • Discover your colleagues’ work dynamics
  • See how your colleagues perceive your own dynamic
  • Assess the impact of your behavior on others’ behavior
  • Learn to quickly recognize the dynamics of people around you

Interactive activities to enhance teamwork

  • Team members will be grouped by color
  • Teambuilding exercises to provide valuable insights
  • Dynamic briefing geared to build team synergy